December 23

Edited December 23

Brothers and Sisters, this is the estimated cost of building a 500 sq ft room for ladies. The estimated cost is $68,000 please contribute before the year ends to get your tax credit and sadaqa jaria for you and your family. We are planning to start soon. There will be additional cost for fire sprinkler and fence outside and gate and renovation downstairs We will meet on Monday at 12 noon to decide about the project and keep you all updated. Donate with these links: Ladies Prayer Area Extension - Ground Floor and Patio Extension -

December 15

Assalamoalaikom wrwb It is 2 weeks before the year ends it time to get your yearly Tax deduction Please donate to masjid Al Noor We have 3 projects starting soon The solar system needs to be installed The cost may be around $250,000 with covered parking An extra 500 sq ft ladies prayer needs to be built above the main entrance as the upstairs prayer area is beeing used as community center We also need to expand the ground floor and fix the patio for Saturday night dinner Please donate for sadaqatul jaria for yourself and your loved ones live and deceased.

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