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Prayer Clock

Enrich the awareness of Salah times with our digital wall clock. Effortlessly display Athan and Iqama times on any TV, with unlimited scalability.


Transform your images into a stunning visual experience with our dynamic slideshow. Showcase your photos, flyers, local businesses, and charities.

Website Widgets

Never update your website again. Embed our widgets on your website. Seamlessly and easily keeping your website always up to date.

Donation Platform

Get donations with our seamless donation platform. Donate anytime, anywhere. Automatically issue tax receipts.


Masajid's finally have found their event management solution. Effortlessly handle broadcasting awareness of events to your community. While optionally taking registrations or selling tickets.

Mobile App

Stay connected with your community! Keep your followers updated and engaged, without relying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Website Hosting

Lightning-fast WordPress website hosting, made possible by the latest serverless technology. SSL/https baked in. No more headaches with hacks or renewals. Website is always safe and accessible.

Donation Kiosk

Capitalize on the foot traffic by our donation kiosk. Accept donations in-person through an intuitive point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Makes giving easy and accessible.

Live Fundraiser

Fundraise with our cutting-edge live fundraising display. Delivering an immersive crowd-funding experience, our display allows donors to witness the impact of their donations in real-time, driving engagement and creating a powerful sense of community.

Local Businesses & Charities

Promote the Muslim-owned businesses and charities. Keep the money within the community supporting ourselves.

Volunteer Management System

Maintaining Islamic non-profits is not possible without volunteers. Our system organizes and allows volunteers to get involved.